Red Tuna 320gr


(1 piece of 320gr)


This species is widespread in the tropical, subtropical and temperate waters of the Atlantic Ocean, in the Mediterranean Sea and in the southern Black Sea. It does not frequent waters at temperatures below 10 ° C. It mainly frequents offshore waters and approaches the coasts only at certain times of the year and at certain points, usually near islands or promontories.
It is called blue-fin tuna in cold-pressed organic sunflower oil, the product consisting of a portion of fish muscle (Mediterranean blue-fin tuna) steamed and processed by hand, placed in a specific glass container, closed after topping up with the preserving liquid. The product is stabilized by means of a sterilization heat treatment capable of irreversibly inactivating enzymes and microorganisms that can alter the food.

General information
Species: Blue-fin tuna
Preserving liquid: Cold-pressed organic sunflower oil (in compliance with the indications provided by the European standards in force on the subject)
Salt: Brine
Weight: 320gr

In Italy, they will be delivered within 2 days from the date of receipt of payment.
In the Italian islands, they will be delivered within 2/3 days from the date of receipt of payment.
Europe within 3/4 days from the date of receipt of payment.
Overseas within 5/7 days from the date of receipt of payment.
These Products Will Be Shipped Worldwide.

Each price is not inclusive of transport.

Additional information

Weight 0.320 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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