Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil BIO “Koronida” 5lt Organic Antioxidant


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Biological extra virgin olive oil

An organic extra virgin olive oil from the olives of the Koroneiki variety that grow in the region of Kalamata and around the bay of the wider area of Koroni. Organic Cultivation rejects the use of synthetic chemicals, such as synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, pesticides. In Europe, organic farming is defined by law, that the commercial use of the term “Organic” is subject to control by the government and the state.

Practices used in organic farming such as
mixing, green fertilization, use of manure and plant residues (composts), Use of alternative plant protection and nutrition preparations,
use of local varieties adapted to the specific conditions of the area,
exclusion of the use of Genetically Modified Organizations (GMOs) and GMO-produced products.

Our own organic products are certified by the organization DIO and meet the maximum requirements stipulated by law. The organic cultivation techniques applied here, the very low acidity of the olive oil, and the rich content in polyphenols render this oil as a product of very high quality.

It has a dark, vivid green color and a fruity, sweet, and bitter taste, a piquant sensation in the pharynx, a hint of the soft feel of different fruits, rich in healthy protective polyphenols, oleocanthal, and oleacein – a product of high nutritional value that belongs to a premium category. It has its characteristic dark green color of the Koroneiki varieties as well as the spicy taste and fruit that identifies the oils of the region.

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