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After the pesto, the walnut sauce is another typical traditional Ligurian dressing. It has a creamy consistency, ivory color and sweet taste in which the taste of walnuts is recognized and goes particularly well with ravioli and lean pansoti.

General Information:

INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, Walnuts (21%), Grana Padano Dop (cow’s milk, salt, rennet), Cream, Butter, Italian pine nuts, Salt, Italian garlic, Nutmeg.
ALLERGENS: In addition to the allergens present in the list of ingredients, it may contain traces of almonds (EU Reg. 1169/2011). The product does not contain gluten (Reg. CE 41/2009).
CHARACTERISTICS Taste: Typical of walnuts, combined with the delicacy of olive oil and
ORGANOLEPTIC: Pine nuts, made tasty by Grana Padano cheese and nutmeg.
COLOUR: Light Color.
STORAGE Store at temperatures between +0 and +4° C. After opening, consume within 3 days.
WEIGHT: 150 gr.

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