Bomb of flavors with Porcini Mushrooms 280 gr


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The Bomb of flavors is a real “Explosion” of taste, with its typical spicy flavor! This fantastic spreadable cream never fails in Calabrian homes; in fact, it is the queen of typical Calabrian products.
Chili pepper is used since ancient times and they are used not only to give spiciness to dishes but also offers a series of beneficial effects for human health.
– It is rich in vitamins A, C, D, E.
– It has antibacterial, antihistamine and antioxidant properties.
– It has a renowned aphrodisiac effect.
– It has pain-relieving effects on muscles and bones.
– It activates the metabolism and helps control body weight.
– It decreases the level of cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides.
– It improves blood circulation and prevents cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack.
– It has an anticancer effect.

General Information
Method of Use: Spread on bread and bruschetta. Ideal for creating appetizers and antipasti. Excellent choice if accompanied by meats and cheeses.
Ingredients: Aubergines, Chilli Pepper, Onion, Dried Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Garlic, Oregano, Basil.
Without preservatives or dyes. 100% Calabrian product.
Conservation Method: Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and sunlight. Once opened, cover with oil and put in the refrigerator.
Available in 280gr pack

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