High Quality Meat Italian Salami with Almonds 350gr.


(1 piece of 350gr)


These cured meats are produced in the hilly area of southern Italy that gives an ideal climate for the seasoning of the same, which combined with the high quality of the meats and the craftsmanship, gives them a taste and a typical traditional flavor local. They are rigorously select national pigs for the production of seasoned salami such as; Sausages, Capocolli, Soppressate, Pancetta, Lonze, and finally the uniqueness of the salami with Almonds and Pistachio. The meats have documents and a certificate of recognition of the CE stamp.
The almond salami is a unique salami, characterized by its sweet and delicate flavor. Obtained only from fresh pork, it is ground to medium grain and seasoned with salt, black peppercorns and almonds, partly crushed and partly whole. It is bagged in natural casing and has a seasoning of about 50 days. It does not contain gluten, milk and derivatives.

General Information
Conservation Max + 20° C
Type of Italian Heavy Pig Slaughtered Fresh
Shelf life 180 Days

In Italy they will be delivered within 2 days from the date of receipt of payment.
In the Italian islands they will be delivered within 2/3 days from the date of receipt of payment.
Europe within 3/4 days from the date of receipt of payment.
Overseas within 5/7 days from the date of receipt of payment.
These Products Will Be Shipped Worldwide.

Each price is not inclusive of transport.

Additional information

Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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