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Buffalo mozzarella from Campania directly from the Italian territory to your home. Buy online the best quality and discover more products 

buffalo mozzarella

buffalo mozzarella

Gretal Food Products: Buffalo Mozzarella Campana Dop

The online Gretal Store that allows the direct purchase from the manufacturer of food products that represent the excellences of the Greek and Italian land, such as Greek Feta, Yogurt, Extra virgin olive oil, honey, kalamata olives, buffalo mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, Parmesan Padano, pecorino romano, Buffalo Mozzarella Campana Dop , Italian cured meats, organic drinks and many other products. A new feature has been added to the Gretal Store.

Buffalo Mozzarella Campana Dop : Sale Online. How and where to buy it.

Gretal is a company of high quality Italian and Greek food products that deals with the EXPORT of DOP buffalo mozzarella from Campania. In addition, our Gretal Store has the availability of a wide selection of DOP buffalo mozzarella from Campania that we can ship every day to your home directly from our warehouses. Our DOP buffalo mozzarella from Campania is produced directly in Italy and distributed from our warehouses all over the world.

Buffalo Mozzarella Campana Dop: Sale Online. What to know.

DOP buffalo mozzarella is a characteristic and traditional product of the entire Campania region. In particular, it is a concentrated food in the Salerno and Neapolitan territory. In fact, the Aversana and Salerno mozzarella today compete for the podium of the best buffalo mozzarella. But this is certainly not the reason why this dairy product is so coveted. The origin of so much ambition lies in the unique flavor, elastic consistency and versatility with which this cheese can be adopted in many recipes.

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Before going into the wonderful world of the most loved stretched curd cheese in the world, it is right to make some clarifications for those who want to buy this extraordinary fresh cheese typical of Campania. In fact, during the purchase, especially if this happens online, it is important to recognize the real Mozzarella Dop.

Buffalo Mozzarella Campana Dop: Sale Online. The safety guarantee of the DOP brand.

DOP Campania buffalo mozzarella is recognizable thanks to the presence of a special label, which shows the protected designation of origin with a special mark. The DOP trademark symbol is associated with that of the Protection Consortium. Both must be present together with all other information required by the Regulations. Campania is the region with the highest concentration of buffalo heads. In fact, all provinces are authorized by the Regulation to produce buffalo mozzarella from Campania DOP.

Buffalo Mozzarella Campana Dop:Sale Online. The origins of mozzarella.

Campania buffalo mozzarella is a stretched curd cheese made with buffalo milk. It is roundish, with a thin pearly skin and a musky and sweet milky aroma. But what are its origins? The origins of buffalo mozzarella are anchored in a distant past. Since it is difficult to trace the origin of dairy buffaloes, it can be useful to retrace the history of the Italian buffalo. It is said, in fact, that the buffalo was introduced by the king of the Lombards in 596, under the government of King Agilulfo.


The origin, as we said, is very uncertain, but it is likely that the wetlands of the Nile gave birth to the buffaloes of the past. However, time passed and, soon, the animal spread also in Italy. In fact, there is no lack of hypotheses according to which the ruminant was already present at the time of the Greeks and the ancient Romans.

Buffalo Mozzarella Campana Dop : Sale Online. Properties of buffalo mozzarella.

How many calories does a mozzarella have? And how many proteins? We talked about cow’s milk without entering into the discourse on the queen of mozzarella. Well, in the next paragraphs we will talk about the calories, proteins and benefits of buffalo mozzarella. Veal buffalo mozzarella. Buffalo mozzarella from Campania is particularly rich in nutrients. The abundance of minerals, calcium, vitamins and proteins makes the southern pearl a special food.

Also for Childrens.

In particular, it is suitable for children because it promotes the growth and strengthening of bones and muscles. In addition, it is preferred by adults for its low lactose content. The calories of buffalo mozzarella for 100% are 288, so they give more energy than cow’s. However, the better digestibility makes the cheese suitable for low calorie diets, as it is very satisfying. Ultimately, even if buffalo mozzarella has more calories than those contained in cow mozzarella, it has high satiety and palatability indices. Therefore, we eat less and do not give up the line.

Buffalo Mozzarella Campana Dop : Sale Online. Buffalo mozzarella and cholesterol.

Fortunately, buffalo mozzarella from Campania contains a reduced amount of bad cholesterol. In fact, the total cholesterol contained in 100 g of buffalo mozzarella is 56 mg. We can therefore consider the finest stretched curd cheese in the world an excellent ally for our balanced diet. Finally, given the scarcity of bad elements that can damage our body, mozzarella in pregnancy is the sin of gluttony that future mothers gladly grant.

Queen of the mediterranean.

Buffalo mozzarella, queen of the Mediterranean diet An element that appears in the pages of “Eat well and feel good” by the father of the Mediterranean Diet is mozzarella. In particular, we talk about fiordilatte and the unmistakable lightness of an appetizing cheese. Buffalo mozzarella is also fully part of the Mediterranean diet, given its low cholesterol content and high satiety index. These characteristics make the white pearl of the south an indispensable food for all Italians.

Buffalo Mozzarella Campana Dop : Sale Online. Contact us.

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Buffalo Mozzarella Campana Dop : Sale Online.

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